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5 Secret Santa Gifts Under $20

Publish on Nov 20, 2017

It’s time to think about Christmas shopping and finding that perfect gift. Whether you have many to buy for or just a few on your list, we have lots of gift ideas to share with you. From babies to adults, you will surely find that special gift that will bring a smile to someone. A…

5 Easy Christmas Cookie Recipes 2017

Publish on Nov 13, 2017

That jolly busy time of the year is almost here again. Shopping. Wrapping. Decorating. Parties. Family. Friends. Don’t forget the baking! Most of us make treats for the Christmas Holidays, whether you are a veteran baker or just starting out, don’t fret…we’ve got you covered. We have researched THE 5 BEST Christmas Cookie recipes for your…

Fall Fitness Series Part 3: Bring your Fitness Routine indoors

Publish on Nov 06, 2017

Exercise. You love it. The outdoors. You love that too. Combing the two together is your kind of work out. But…brrrrrr it’s getting cold outside. It’s that time of the year when our beautiful Fall weather turns into nose running, blistery “can’t feel your fingers” kind of cold. So, what do you do? Stop exercising?…

10 Halloween Safety Tips for you and your kids

Publish on Oct 25, 2017

Trick or Treat! Halloween is most children’s favourite festivity. Costumes, candy, scary but fun displays, going out at night and being with their friends…what’s not to like?! It’s just as much fun for the adults, as we get to experience this highly anticipated evening with our children. However, there are some real safety hazards on…

5 Easy Halloween Recipes for you and your little goblins!

Publish on Oct 16, 2017

Boo! It’s almost time to get your fright on! Decorating, Costumes, Candies and festive Halloween parties are being planned. Are your children having a Halloween party at school? Or maybe you are hosting one in your home, or you have been invited to one. Never the less, making festive Halloween treats should be a fun,…

Fall Fitness Series Part 2: Getting your kids excited about exercise

Publish on Oct 09, 2017

Children, adults, we all have the same body. One is fully grown and the other is still developing. It shouldn’t be a surprise to know that the health benefits of being active for both adults and children are one in the same. Benefits of regular exercise include: increased feelings of well-being and self-esteem, better concentration and…

5 Stunning Thanksgiving Themes for your Table

Publish on Sep 26, 2017

Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful. Thankful for our loved ones, our family’s health, careers, pets, lifestyle and of course the food we are about to devour! Before you host your gathering, you may be pondering how you are going to decorate your Thanksgiving table to celebrate this beautiful time of year. What do…

Fall Fitness Series: Lunchtime Exercises

Publish on Sep 18, 2017

There are so many excuses and reasons why we don’t exercise. Perhaps one of these sound familiar: “I didn’t get enough sleep” or “I am too tired after work “or maybe, “I don’t have time to exercise”. Well, what if you could fit in a 30-minute routine without taking any time away from your hectic…

5 Tips for getting back into routine this Fall

Publish on Sep 11, 2017

Routine…most of us have a “love/hate” relationship when it comes to getting back into a routine, particularly after a long Summer break. Our carefree days of not having a schedule have come to an end and we ask ourselves: how do we mentally jump start our minds, bodies and children back into a routine again? With…

Your back to school checklist – 10 tips to get you organized!

Publish on Aug 28, 2017

Another school year is fast approaching and we thought we would help you and your family get organized before the craziness begins. The transition from Summer into another School year can be flawless if…you plan to prepare with these 10 helpful tips. With a little organization, you and your family will be on the road…

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