Inspiring Easter Brunch Ideas

Publish on Apr 11, 2019

inspiring Easter Brunch Ideas Tulips

Easter is a wonderful time to get together with family and friends. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to spend all day preparing a lavish Easter dinner. Instead, try making some of these easy brunch recipes and creating simple decorations ahead of time. You’ll be less stressed and be able to enjoy a fun day with those you care about.

Easy, Make-Ahead Easter Brunch Recipes

Everyone knows that the Easter bunny loves carrots, right? So, why not prepare some carrot muffins for the big day? The great thing about muffins is that you can make them well in advance. Just ensure that they are completely cool before you freeze them. They will still taste delicious even if you serve them two or three months later.

It wouldn’t be Easter without an egg dish. There are so many egg recipes to choose from, but one you can make ahead is this ham and cheese brunch bake. Just mix all the ingredients together in a baking pan, cover, and refrigerate until you are ready to pop this casserole in the oven.

Chocolate is also a big part of every Easter celebration, so these super easy cherry brownies are sure to be a winner. You can make them a day or two ahead of time, as well.

Simple Easter Brunch Decorations

Let’s begin with your table centerpiece. It can be expensive to get a florist to make an elaborate arrangement, so a more affordable option is to create one yourself. This doily wrapped mason jar vase is easy to make and perfect for holding a pretty bouquet of seasonal flowers like tulips or daffodils. All you need is a mason jar, a doily, twine or ribbon, and a hot glue gun.

For those that like to add a touch of class, without breaking the bank, to their Easter table, chalkboard egg place cards are the perfect DIY project. Just paint some Polystyrene eggs with a couple of coats of chalkboard paint and write your guests’ names on the finished product.

If you have elementary school age children, they may want to help with the Easter decorations. These stand-up paper eggs are perfect for junior crafters, and will look great. Pick up a pack of card stock, in Easter colours of course, some glue, scissors, and ribbon and you and your kids will be ready to go.

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