10 Valentines Gifts under $25

Publish on Feb 05, 2019

Valentine’s Day is the only day out of 365 dedicated to love. So, it’s a great opportunity to celebrate those we care about. That doesn’t mean breaking the bank, though. We’ve got 10 Valentines gifts under $25 that will delight your special someone this year!

Gift #1: Date Night Pack 

Valentines Day Gifts under $25 - date cards kit

Date Cards Kit – $2.49

Plan some amazing future date nights with these 20 date cards. How about going on a historical walking tour? Playing pinball at an old arcade? Taking a one-day class? Marie Claire has even more great ideas.

Gift #2: Stemless Wine Glasses

Valentines Gifts under $25 - stemless wine glasses

Stemless Wine Glasses – $24.99

These stemless, stainless steel wine glasses make the perfect gift, along with a bottle of vino. You could also put on your favourite wine-themed movie for a truly fantastic evening.

Gift #3: Fuzzy Hot Water Bottle

Valentines Gifts under $25 - hot water bottle

Fuzzy Hot Water Bottle – $8.99

It’s cold outside! So, why not pick up this fuzzy hot water bottle? At only $8.99, it’s the most affordable, cutest way to help your beloved through the winter months.

Gift #4: Himalayan Bath Salts and Aromatherapy Bracelet

Valentines Gifts under $25 - bath salts aromatherapy bracelet

Himalayan Bath Salts – $9.99
Aromatherapy Bracelet – $8.99

We all need some relaxation time, and these Himalayan bath salts and aromatherapy bracelet will help to melt your Valentine’s stress away. You could also give them a massage. Try following these massage therapists’ helpful tips.

Gift #5: Rose Gold Picture Frame

Valentines Gifts under $25 - rose gold picture frame

Rose gold Picture Frame – $14.99

This picture frame is the perfect place for a special pic this February 14th. It could be a family photo, a picture of your first date, or even a favourite vacation spot.

Gift #6: Seaglass Stones

Valentines Gifts under $25 - seaglass stones

Seaglass Stones – $4.00 each

We all need reminders to live our best life. These beautiful seaglass stones help us do just that. Include them as part of a Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt or just place them around the house to surprise your sweetheart.

Gift #7: Glass Happiness Family Sign

Valentines Gifts under $25 - glass sign

Glass Happiness Family Sign – $21.99

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples. It is the perfect occasion to celebrate all the love in our lives. This sign is a great gift for anyone who knows the kitchen is often the heart of the home.

Gift #8: Phone and Accessory Holder

Valentines Gifts under $25 - Phone and Accessory Holder

Phone and Accessory Holder – $14.99

Marie Kondo has taught us all that being organized and reducing clutter brings joy. This phone and accessory holder is great for someone seeking order.

Gift #9: Love You to the Moon and Back Sign

Valentines Gifts under $25 - love you to the moon and back sign

Love You To The Moon and Back Signs – $3.99 each

This sweet sign would look lovely around a bouquet of flowers or a potted plant. It could also replace the standard bow on the top of a gift.

Gift #10: The Love Mug

Valentines Gifts under $25 - love mug

The Love Mug – $4.99

Chocolates, a favourite tea, jellybeans – you could fill this mug with so many great things! The possibilities are endless this Valentine’s Day!

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