Five Fun Kids’ Christmas Crafts

Publish on Nov 27, 2018

Kids' Christmas Crafts

A wonderful way to make Christmas preparations enjoyable is to get your children involved. These five fun kids’ Christmas crafts are easy for them to do, and an inexpensive way to make your home look festive for the big day.­

1. Let it Snow

One of the first Christmas crafts most of us learned as kids was how to make a snowflake. Unfortunately, some tutorials are too complicated for really young children. Here is one from Cool School, though, that is easy enough for even kindergarteners to follow. In just over two minutes, your child will have their first snowflake, ready to stick on the window.

2. Trim the Tree

Hanging ornaments on the Christmas tree is a family tradition for many. This tradition can be even more meaningful for children if they make some of their own ornaments. This easy initial ornaments tutorial enables little kids to decorate their first initial and then hang it on the tree. All you need is cardboard, paint, ribbon or thread, scissors, glue, and some bedazzlers.

3. Bake Your Wreath

Do you love spending time with your kids in the kitchen? This gingerbread wreath is simple to make and children of all ages can get involved in the baking process. In addition to the gingerbread ingredients, make sure you have plastic wrap, parchment paper, gingerbread cookie cutters, and ribbon. This is a great craft to start early because the wreath will last up to two months!

4. Make Your Stockings with Care

When Santa comes down the chimney, he’ll be looking to see if everyone has a Christmas stocking. Chances are, he’ll be especially impressed if your kids have made their very own. This craft foam Christmas stocking is the perfect no-sew option for children. In addition to craft foam, you’ll need string, ribbon, scissors, glue, a hole punch, crayons, and craft punches (optional). This tutorial also includes a downloadable stocking pattern, and Christmas printables that can be traced on the foam.

5. Keep Christmas Green

Go for a hike or take a walk around the neighbourhood, and you’ll see lots of beautiful pinecones. Gather some with your kids, and make a chic piece of décor that you can use to beautify your home any time of the year. This Ombre Pinecone tutorial only requires three things beyond the pinecones: acrylic paint, an angled paintbrush, and an old toothbrush. Put your pinecones in a floral arrangement, on the mantle, or in your Christmas Day table centerpiece.


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